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Choices vs Finances

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Should financial freedom be a struggle?
Can we all aspire to financial equality?
Is the good life only for the blessed? Is there Divine Intervention?

These are questions that have perplexed humanity from time immemorial. From transacting with seashell and animal parts, to precious metals and crypto currency the perception of “monetary value” has taken many shapes and forms as a medium of exchange. People’s choices in life have somehow always been linked to materialistic goals and by extension, has always had a close correlation to finances.

Is the struggle for financial freedom fair?

The simple answer to this is certainly not, but unfortunately, we have no other alternative in the foreseeable future if we are to live civilized lives. When our expenses rise above our income we are in a struggle financially. The sooner we tame our urge for instant gratification and discern between our needs and wants, the better off we will be.

For example, shelter, food and clothing are needs we must meet. While a holiday, owning a luxury watch and a hyper car are wants that we crave to satisfy.

Thus, we must choose between our needs and wants, and make prudent investment decisions considering risk, return and liquidity in generating cash flow. When this happens, you have started a journey towards financial freedom.

We are not born equal but can we aspire to a stage of financial equality?

As human beings, we are not all born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Some have to work hard to reach their financial goals, while others have their inheritance handed down to them. But that’s alright. Hard work never hurt anyone. Just dig deep and draw on your unique abilities that can make you an asset to any employer or a financial gold mine to yourself. For example, if you are good at creating video content that adds value to society you can then start a YouTube channel and work to monetize the social media channel. The world is rife with opportunities. It’s up to each individual to determine their strengths and go after the right ones that will bring in the finances.

Is the good life only for blessed? Is there Divine Intervention?

According to the book ‘Homo Deus’ by Daniel Kahneman, ancient civilizations across the world were compelled to think that famine, plague and war were acts of GOD. However, the more science evolved through trial, error and reasoning the more man figured out that all adverse situations were mostly his doing and not a divinely ordained punishment.

These are times where the role of god is questionable ,especially during a time of a pandemic which we are currently facing .

Then again the relationship with a divine power is highly personal, as long as it doesn’t harm Mother Nature or life .

To a layman (Good Life ) can be categorized as when some fly into their private islands in their G35 jets , sipping Dom Pèrigion, (Bad Life) refugees running into bomb shelters caught in crossfires.

So there’s god or divine intervention? Answer is I’m not sure. Then is it Karma then? I’m yet to
find out.

No matter whom you think is causing your adversity, it is you who can come out of it. You can decide the path you take to secure your safety and wellbeing. Even if one is born into a family filled with riches, it can be lost in an instant if one acts unwisely. Therein lies your truth. But I’m sure of one thing what ever we might face in life , the ‘reaction ‘towards that circumstance we face decides the outcome . We have the power within us to decide how we react , that is the power of the human spirit and that is our only SUPERPOWER. The choice to tap into your superpower is key in seeking financial freedom.

Your life is 100%, your responsibility. Choices shape our lives. Make them wisely.

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